Post-MBA: Digital Brand Management around the World

Digital Brand Management

Top managers from around the world are meeting at the University of the Arts in Berlin for the first time to embark together on a one-of-a-kind journey: They will visit 4 of the world’s most pivotal centers of digital brand management to discuss personally with experts, peer over the shoulders of professionals and experience what works in digital brand management–and what does not.

After Berlin they will travel to Shanghai, China, Los Angeles, USA und Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Further locations are planned. On each stage of the journey participants attend 7 days of morning lectures from renowned professors at the best universities; afternoons are spent getting to know companies and agencies and discussing with experts. After it everyone returns home for three months until the next stage. Executives remain in contact in the meantime, refining their concepts and working on projects.

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MOOC: Building Strong Digital Brands

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How do brands establish deep connections with digital media and maintain the relationship over the long term? Join us and find out what the unique attributes of digital brands are and what you can do to build strong digital brands!

The course addresses the following questions:

  • How can I use the unique attributes of digital media and digital technologies for my own digital brand management work?
  • How do I stage – like a theater production – my brand effectively in digital media?
  • How can I tell exciting, successful stories?
  • How can I place my digital brand management (concept) in the minds of my consumers and other important stakeholder groups?

Check out my MOOC: Building Strong Digital Brands

The digital future of brands has already been underway

  • Increasing numbers of brands are online, including those from around the world. “Big” brands are long established online.
  • Consumers are purchasing and ordering more and more online and via mobile.
  • They are increasingly recommending their favorite brands among one another on social networks.

Berliner Management Modell für die Digitalisierung (BMM®)

In der Forschungsstelle Berliner Management Modell für die Digitalisierung (BMM®) wollen wir die Frage beantworten, wie Unternehmen und Organisationen die Digitalisierung erfolgreich managen können.

Künftiger Erfolg in der Markenführung  erfordert Antworten auf Fragen wie:

  • Wie sieht die Digitale Markenführung der Zukunft aus?
  • Worin unterscheidet sie sich von der herkömmlichen?
  • Wie passt beides zusammen?
  • Wie kann ich wirkungsvoll in sozialen Netzwerken agieren?

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